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“Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them” (Matthew 5:3).

“With the grace of God, we are always better at everything with joy, love and happiness, contributing in this world”.


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Research project: AutoManSec 4 CloudIoT – Autonomic Management and Security for Cloud and IoT

Some results:

Cloud identity management: a survey on privacy strategies – paper of ComNet Journal, Elsevier, 2017.

Improving cloud computing virtual machines balancing through hosts and virtual machines similarities – IEEE Services 2017.

Preserving Privacy with Fine-grained Authorization in an Identity Management System – paper of ICN 2017.

A Framework and Risk Assessment Approaches for Risk-based Access Control in the Cloud – paper of Elsevier JNCA 2016.

Order@Cloud: A VM Organisation Framework Based on Multi-Objectives Placement Ranking, paper of IEEE NOMS 2016.

A Model for Managed Elements under Autonomic Cloud Computing Management, paper of IJANS 2016.

A distributed autonomic management framework for cloud computing orchestration, paper of IEEE SERVICES 2016.

RACLOUDS – Model for Clouds Risk Analysis in the Information Assets Context, paper of Journal FSMA 2016.

Cloud resource management: a survey on forecasting and profiling models – paper of Elsevier JNCA 2015.

Legacy Network Infrastructure Management Model for Green Cloud Validated Through Simulations, IJAIS – paper selected from ICN 2014.

Operation, Management, Security and Sustainability for Cloud Computing – paper of Journal FSMA 2014.

Green Clouds through Servers, Virtual Machines and Network Infrastructure Management – Book Chapter of SBRC 2014.

– “Provisioning, Resource Allocation, and DVFS in Green Clouds, IJANS 2014” – best paper of ICN 2013.

– “Environment, Services and Network Management for Green Clouds, CLEI Journal 2012” – best paper of CLEI 2011.

– ”Toward an Architecture for Monitoring Private Clouds” – paper indicated in IEEE ComSoc Technology News.

– “Intrusion Detection for Grid and Cloud Computing” – our most cited paper.


– Second paper, Feb. 2015 list of the most downloaded articles from Elsevier JNCA in the last 90 days.

– First paper in the Dec. 2011 and (4th) Jan. 2012 list of the ten most popular articles published in IEEE ComSoc periodicals viewed online.

– First paper in the Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2012 list of the 25 most popular articles published in IEEE Communications Magazine viewed online.

– Paper (11th) Dec. 2011 , (22th) Jan. 2012 and (12th) May 2012 in the top 100 documents downloaded of the  IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Photos at Fórum RNP: