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Apresentação do Laboratório (Pesquisa, Ensino e Extensão)
Publicado em 25/08/2013 às 9:00


“We always try to get better at all”.


Recent “papers” , “slides” , “others” , and links with more information.

Titles and links to download our best and most cited papers on cloud computing.


Links of our most viewed Open Access Publications, not OAP and slides at ResearchGate.

Links of our most downloaded papers at ResearchGate.

Links of our most cited papers at ResearchGate.


Green Clouds through Servers, Virtual Machines and Network Infrastructure Management is a Book Chapter of SBRC 2014.

“Provisioning, Resource Allocation, and DVFS in Green Clouds, IJANS 2014″ is a best paper of ICN 2013.

“Environment, Services and Network Management for Green Clouds, CLEI Journal 2012″ is a best paper of CLEI 2011.

”Toward an Architecture for Monitoring Private Clouds” is a paper indicated in IEEE ComSoc Technology News.

“Intrusion Detection for Grid and Cloud Computing” is our most cited paper.

“Management and Security for Grid, Cloud and Cognitive Networks” is a paper with more than 12000 downloads.


First paper in the Dec. 2011 list of the ten most popular articles published in IEEE ComSoc periodicals viewed online.

- First paper in the Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2012 list of the 25 most popular articles published in IEEE Communications Magazine viewed online.

- Paper (11th) Dec. 2011 , (22th) Jan. 2012 and (12th) May 2012 in the top 100 documents downloaded of the  IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Fotos do  primeiro Curso de Cloud Computing:

Atividades de Pesquisa, Ensino e Extensão
Publicado em 25/11/2010 às 0:17

O LRG (Laboratório de Redes e Gerência) da UFSC realiza atividades de Pesquisa, Ensino e Extensão, principalmente, em “Gerência, Segurança e Sustentabilidade para Cloud Computing”.

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